About Me


Hunting may be a strong word, yet accurate. There is something out there we do not understand, we know it is there, but because of the  limited knowledge  our understanding of it becomes complicated... almost impossible.

 I go to places with the understanding those things do exist, I don't need to investigate the likelihood of that existence.  I use hunting techniques  to find or bring the unknown to me. 

Once I have it, I am determined to prove exactly what it is that goes bump in the night.


What's the sense of hunting and discovering your trophies if you have no one to tell about it? "The Kentucky Ghost Hunter Show" has been on several radio stations, and podcasts throughout the year but recently we have established a permanent home at BBS Internet Radio. Our show will air every Tuesday night at 9PM CST. Please see the Radio Show section of this website for show links.


There are people out there that deal with things in their home they are scared of. Whether these are called ghosts, demons, or spirits they want help.  And even though I host a radio show,  I am still here to help if requested. There are questions that need be answered, and I can't promise I can help in every circumstance, but the service is free and i'll be there if I can.

Any person can ask for help, I have a network of people who deal in the paranormal globaly, so don't ne afraid to ask. I can get you help.