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In today's time, people have come to understand there are things in this world we do not understand. And some of those things may be trying to communicate with us by means we also do not understand.  Sometimes these entities are nice, and sometimes they are not. We call them ghosts, spirits, demons, and over our history many other things. We deal with finding out what, or if, such entities are attempting communication with you and what can be done about it.

About Me

I am called The Kentucky Ghost Hunter by many and have been researching paranormal activities for many years. In my years of experience I have seen many things that have convinced me there are entities out there that co-exist with us. These entities have a different physical configuration than humans and inhabit our world on a different plane of existance we can not  yet understand scientifically. We are barely in the infant stage of exploring this plane of existence that co-exists with our own, but the people I associate with are all doing our best to discover the truth.

Are You Haunted?

If you feel you are in need of help with something that you cannot explain, if you think you are experiencing a haunting, or something worse, do not hesitate to contact me. No matter where you live, I have people in my network that I can contact that will be there for you...free of charge.  We will believe you and we will help!


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